Port of Antwerp on wheels

Discover the port of Antwerp by bike

A challenging and often unknown territory.
Just about anything you can imagine comes our way through the harbour... fruit, wood, steel, cars, electronic devices, toys, coffee, tobacco and so much more...

Docks, locks, bridges, terminals, container ships, cranes, yellow elephants, driving hangers, a floating Brabo, ... you meet them all.

We outlined 3 tours, one on the right bank (40km), one on the left bank (45km) or go for a total experience and discover both the right and left bank of the Scheldt (55 km).

Or just taste the port with a 20 km trip ...

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Out in the historic harbor...

The part of the right bank along which this tour takes us, houses the oldest infrastructure in the port of Antwerp, the largest marshalling yard in Belgium, an unprecedented piece of nature, breakbulk terminals, coffee, sugar but also the world's second largest chemical cluster, a lock complex, two stray church towers, a lovely piece of cycling on the Scheldt dike and finally a great view on the skyline of the city.

We dive under the Kanaaldok by bicycle bus, take a walk on the Scheldt and look at the largest container ships....

Takes 4h30 (lunch break not included) and is 40 km long.
Possibility to have lunch in Lillo

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The world's largest lock...

This trip will take us to the left bank of the Port. A surprising mix of polder landscapes and port activity. RoRo ships, container ships, the Kieldrecht lock, the Deurganck dock, gantry cranes, straddle carriers, Doel, the Nations, logistic players, a steam network, ... ...but also Farnese and the forts, Spanish Fort, unexpected pieces of nature...In short, too much to mention.

At the end of the trip you can relax on the Waterbus and enjoy the skyline of Antwerp...

Possibility to have lunch in Doel
Takes 4h30 (lunch break not included) and is 45 km long
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Total experience of the port of Antwerp...

After a day of cycling on the right and left bank, you will have a good idea of what's going on in Europe's second largest port. We combine the bike with the Fietsbus and theWaterbus to get around under the docks and the river Scheldt. Terminals, gigantic bundles of train tracks, well hidden pieces of nature, forts, disappeared and not disappeared polder villages, impressive harbour cranes, polder landscapes and wind turbines,....

Look into the stunning world of a port, a challenging and surprising journey that leaves its impression....

Possibility to have lunch in Fort Liefkenshoek
Takes 7h00 (lunch break included) and is 55 km long
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Trial of the port of Antwerp...

This tour takes you either through the historic port or along the second largest chemical cluster in the world. You'll get a glimpse of everything that goes on in a port. On the way back we use theWaterbus and from the water you can enjoy a magnificent view of the Port House and the skyline of Antwerp that stretches out in front of you.

Of course, before getting on theWaterbus, you deserve a break in picturesque Lillo!

You can also make these trips with the E-step (from September 2020).

Takes 3.30h (historic port) or 3h00 (chemical cluster), break in Lillo not included and is about 20 km long.

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